Schedule for Classes

You can see below for detailed schedule and class information at CNN.

Sr. No. Course Name Duration
1. Bharathanatyam Weekly 2 days & 1 hr duration.
2. Carnatic vocal Weekly 2 days & 1 hr duration.
3. Veena Weekly 2 days & 1 hr duration.
4. Keyboard Weekly 2 days & 1 hr duration.
5. Fine Arts Weekly 2 days & 1 hr duration.

Rules and Regulations at CNN
  • Dance & Music classes will be held weekly two days, as per the days given to a student.
  • Student has to attend the class 5 minutes early with her notebook & compulsory with her neat uniform.
  • Students have to compulsory wear the ID card and enter.
  • Parents must take care of making a child to practice daily at home.
  • We are making uniform compulsory for dance-salwar & music-long skirt.
  • Kindly pay the fees in time to avoid the fine.
  • 20th is the last date of every month to pay the fees (without fine).
  • We have eight class in a month in this if a child attends one class also they have to pay full month fees.
  • A student can take more than two classes if they are interested by paying more fees.
  • Parents are not allowed inside during the class hour.
  • A student has to have a interest of learning & must not be by force.
  • Parent's are requested to "please" obey the above given rules and regulations.
  • Students should wear the provided uniform for dance & music i.e. Salwar & Skirt compulsory.
  • Girls must wear bindi & bangles compulsory during Dance & Music class hours.